Cougar Shoes x Geo

There are few times in life when the stars align and you receive a figurative gift from the gods. In my case, the rainy season had hit very hard in Florida and my feet would never be dry again...until I received my Kensington boots from Cougar. The dove grey fit perfectly with any and every outfit. I was smitten with my booties: everywhere I went I received compliment after compliment. I wore them to work and got compliments. I went to the pharmacy and got complimented on them. I even met my boyfriend's co-worker's parents, and got complimented on them. 

I lived in Florida for many years and never owned a pair of rain boots because I always found them annoying to wear. They usually ruin an outfit and are not comfortable enough to justify the bad case of the uglies. Finally!!! Cougar shoes took rainwear from drab and utilitarian to stylish and quite fun with their Kensington line. I received my boots in the mail and haven't been able to take off my feet, I even found myself walking around my house forgetting they were on. Cougar shoes are made in Canada, and if there is somebody that knows winter, it's the Canadians. All of their rain gear is splash-tested and guaranteed to keep your feet dry. There is only one way to truly test this claim and that's in a Floridian afternoon downpour. I don't claim to know the ferocity of a Canadian rain storm but I have an inkling that it's not nearly as horrifying as when the sky cracks and engulfs you in a mini-Florida-doomsday. 

Off I went to brave the weather at the Disney Boardwalk for a nice time with my babe. It was the one day in Florida it wasn't raining and I was so upset for a missed opportunity to splash around in my invincible Chelsea boots. We walked the entire Boardwalk all the way to the Disney Swan Hotel for some gorgeous shots of the secret gardens since I was all dressed up. I paired the Cougar boots with my frayed hem jeans and a gingham top for a cute and casual summer look.

I recently looked up all the items I was wearing for this OOTD and none of them are available online. I bought both my top and jeans from Target and my sunglasses and tote  from Forever 21. As a compromise I linked an outfit very similar to one I'm wearing, below. 


Women’s Kensington Chelsea Rain boot in "dove" - $70.00

Tiger tote bag is from Forever 21 and it's sold out online but there is hope it might still be available in stores 

Tiger tote bag is from Forever 21 and it's sold out online but there is hope it might still be available in stores