Brooksville x OOTD

I went for a weekend getaway to visit RomanticRealistStyle's hometown and spend some much needed quality time with my bff. We were lucky enough to stay with her amazing parents in their beautiful historic home, in hindsight I wish I would have taken pictures. After a weekend of meeting Bee's friends, sharing laughs, and nom nomming on homemade pop tarts, we made a little time to sneak in a photoshoot in the wild and exotic land of Florida. 

I was on the fence about buying the Cult Gaia Ark for a while and then they came out with the emerald green/malachite acrylic bag and I have not stopped wearing it since I received it. Emerald green is my power color. It just feels right with any color scheme and adds a certain intriguing complexity to any outfit. The ark looked very dark in the lighting of my home and I was a little disappointed upon arrival, it also smelled like a nail salon that had poor ventilation. However, the odd smell went away a couple days later, at least we know they aren't lying about using acrylic! I also learned to love the versatility of the color changes in the malachite ark. It can appear a very elegant deep hunter green in low lighting, however, when it reflects the rays of the sun, a glazed galaxy of pearly striations are suddenly visible. 

Love, Geo