Miami x OOTD I/II: Global Entry Interview

Miami International Airport: Global Entry Enrollment Office behind me

Miami International Airport: Global Entry Enrollment Office behind me

This summer I will be embarking on several excursions, including a trip to Cuba, which I definitely will blog about in great detail. I've travelled a lot and the hassle of going through security has always been the bottleneck in my otherwise seamless airport experiences. I was encouraged by my mom to participant in the Global Entry program and skip the lines altogether. This all sounded like music to my ears, so I did my research and subsequently applied online. After the extensive questionnaire regarding my place of birth, former employers, and recent travel experiences, I thought I was out of the woods, but boy...was I wrong. After vetting you through the online application, you are required to have an in-person interview, at your nearest airport. The airport closest to me is the MCO-Orlando International Airport, and the first available interview time was in JULY! There was basically no point for me to wait that long.

 I had to think of a new strategy to hit the ground running with my travels, so I checked the Miami International Airport interview times and voila! I was able to make an appointment in two weeks from my application date. Although I was relieved, it's a four hour drive to Miami and another four hours back, which I was absolutely dreading. To my delight, my best friend @Romantic.Realist.Style saved the day and decided to join me on this adventure, so we made a weekend of it! 

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows quick clearance for approved travelers upon arrival in the United States. It costs $100.00 and lasts for five years, which is a steal in my opinion. During the interview, you will need your printed Global Entry appointment, Driver's license and passport. The interviewer will ask you to verify some information about yourself and take your finger prints. You may also qualify for TSA pre-check if you put your Global Entry identification number in when booking a flight or checking in. 

The entire process was over in minutes! I was provided an identification number for immediate use and an ID card (that will arrive in 2-3 weeks) for use at the Global Entry Kiosks. I will not need my ID card when using the automatic kiosks if I have my identification number. Upon my arrival in the United States, I can skip the long lines through customs and go directly to the Global Entry kiosks, where I will scan my passport, get my finger prints verified, and complete a customs declaration. The machine will print out a receipt and off to baggage claim I go! Easy peasy.  

Now, I never pass up an opportunity to do a quick photo sesh with my girl  I found the cutest tropical dress at Express and a matching scarf in the same print. I also did a quick run to Target and found the most practical (and adorbs) travel hat and a raffia hand fan at the dollar spot. I had a mustard yellow cocoon sweater from Forever 21, that always comes in handy when the AC is on full blast, especially at the airport. I found my purse, thrifting in Florida, I can't remember exactly where, but it was a "Golden Girls" classic that needed to be mine! 

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