OOTD H&M (mostly)

Sooo, I strolled into H&M begrudged by the fact that I needed to exchange a pair of jeans, and voila! It happened. That one time a year...that oh so special time of year, when the stars align and I find one hundred things I want to buy at H&M. 

I'm not a believer that one an outfit needs to cost a lot to look good. If I like it, I wear it. 


Whether it's your grandmother's closet, a thrift store, or Bergdorf's, beauty is everywhere. The harder you search to find it, the more rewarding. 

The difference between being fashion forward and a fashionista, is resourcefulness. A fashionista can make anything look good. Gimme some glitter glue and a cat sweater, any day. 

I was lucky enough to receive this purse from Coach. I haven't stopped wearing it since. 

  • H&M Pleated Starry top - $34.99
  • H&M Rose embroidered jeans - $34.99
  • H&M Gold pumps - $24.99
  • Coach Dinky purse in Bordeaux - $295.00
  • Coach Dinky Chain strap in Dark Gunmetal - $35.00
Stephie Sersea